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I won't give up !

Its too hard for me to accept the fact that I'm failed in English exam..
Maybe it is from own mistake..
I never work hard to improve it even though I know that I'm not good enough..
I have learnt English about 3 months and I believe that if I really struggle from the first day I learnt it..
I think I will get the best and excellent result..
I'm really sorry mom..
My instructor always tell me to work hard..But I didn't..
Sorry Miss Soo..I know..It's my fault..
Not everyone will get their second chance..
Sometimes we never appreciate something until we lost it..
I thought it's just small matter and not important..but I'm wrong..
To those who think that English is not important..You are absolutely and totally wrong..
Trust me..

Okay..there are 4 components in this English exam (IELTS) ..
I still remember for the placement test I got band 1 for reading,listening and 2 just for writing..Actually to pass in this exam I should get above band 3..
For the day 40 exam I got band 2 for reading,listening and 3 for speaking..
The day 60 exam I still got band 2 for reading and writing..just passed speaking and listening which is band 3..And I have repeated the exam on day 61..
I also didn't pass all the components yet..Just left reading the only one component that I didn't pass..
My batch mates already done their English exam and have commenced their Category A..
Only my friend,his name is Iqmal and me have to repeat our exam..
Even though we can join the technical module classes but we can't sit for the exam until we pass our English..
One more thing that I can't accept is when I have to face my batch mates which are already wear their uniform..
I'm really sad and sometimes I feel just like want to give up..
There is nothing can help me other than my self..
My friends still support me..I love them so much..
I have to prove them that I can do it..
They trust me..So I won't break their heart..

I won't give up !! I will do my very best..I'll never give up..
Wish me luck..
Pray for me.. 


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Hi, Assalamualaikum semua. I'm back !!  Kali ni dengan tajuk lain macam sikit.  Entry kali ni pasal kisah anak-anak gadis yang baru berjinak-jinak dalam bidang travelling. Haha Mission pertama untuk awek-awek ni adalah untuk menakluki KRABI !! Takluk laa sangat kan. Hahahaha
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