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My promise !

Hi blogger.. I don't know why I am very slow to pick up something.. Like there was something that kept me be able to think.. Oh My God..what should I do? I'm really worry about it..
Its okay..i need learn to love this new invironment and I will never say never.. I will fight till forever..yeah go ! I can do it !
Haha..please pray for me..
I really wanna be an amazing person..
I will focus on my aim where I wanna get a licence ! I hope one day, my dream will come true..
Oh MakAbah..I promise you to get the licence..
I wanna change our life to be much better than now..
I also need your support..
I'll try my best !

Speak Up ! Trust Yourself !

First and foremost, I need to tell you about my new life..
Now, I am a trainee at the one place that a secret location.
I think I do not need to tell you where am I.
I have a new friends who came from many different places and most of them are very confident, clever and very good person.
I must learn to adapt this new environment.
I also need to be a confident person.
I know my English is very bad but I will try to improve it.
Do you know the importance of English language in our life? Yeah, there are the reason why English is very important to us. Actually, English is the International language of diplomacy, business, science, technology, banking, computing, medicine, aviation, UN & NATO armed forces, engineering, tourism, Hollywood films and arguably the best pop and rock music in the world. It is used in the best careers, the best universities, and is increasingly being used at job interviews. Wherever you go for interview, I am sure that will going in English.
English also make you …

Segalanya Telah Ditentukan..

Assalamualaikum & salam 1 Malaysia..
wahh..lain pulak greeting hari niy kn..hehe
Sebenarnya xda ayat nak mula..

"Cinta Itu Boleh Diumpamakan Bagai Makan Sambal Belacan,Walau Pedas Hingga Mengalir Air Mata Masih Mahu Dimakan Jua." Ada sapa2 yg prnah dgr ayat di atas?hehe
Actually,I just copy and paste that statement.. :)
Okay,abaikan dr mna CikManis copy statement tu..
Skrg niy just nak korang fahamkan apa statement tu cuba sampaikan..
Rasanya semua faham..
Setiap orang berhak m'punyai cinta hati masing2.. Normal la kn..sape la yg xnak menyayangi & rasa disayangi.. CikManis pn sama jgk..haha tu,i think no need laa couple2..
It's just waste our time..haha..
Cewahhh..dulu masa bcinta tak pikir pulak lagu tu kn..haha Xpe,terpulanglah kpd mereka yg mahu bercintan-cintun tu..
Tp ingatla..jagalah batas2 pergaulan tu..
Jgn smpai 1 hari nnt ada yg menyesal..
Kadang2 bila dah sayang niy,semua benda rasa nak bg..Opss..
Melampau x?haha..Jangan sama sekali eh..