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Waktu mentari memancar terang, kita ketawa senang.
Waktu kilat memancar dan ribut petir, baru sibuk mahu berzikir.
Itulah kita. Iya, kita. manusia. 

Today, I'm choosing myself.

Today, I’m not going to think about you or wonder how you’re doing. I’m going to use that time and think about what I have to do, what I need to accomplish and who I need to be. I’m not going to waste any more time looking at my phone, waiting for a call or a message. I’m not going to waste any more time waiting for you.
Today, I’m going to let go of all the thoughts in my head and the heaviness in my heart. Today, I’m going to heal. I’m going to take a walk in the park and not wish you were there with me. I’m going to call my best friend without wishing it was you I was talking to. I’m going to wear that dress that I only wanted to wear for you. Today, I’m doing everything for me. Today, you’re not going to influence any of my decisions.
Because it all starts with one day, it starts with a simple decision, it starts with me deciding that I’ve given you enough chances and enough excuses to realize that things should come to an end. It all starts with a decision to heal. It all starts…

"State of happiness in the future" - Rahul Sarraf

Don't be in a hurry to fall in love.
Even if they make you an object of mockery
because you're single, its better to be single than to be in a relationship of PAINS & SORROW.

If you find yourself in love with someone who
does not love you, let it go, be gentle on yourself,there is nothing wrong with you, love just did not choose to rest in the other person's heart.

Let it go..... In due time, you will know
why it never worked out with that person.
Always remember that sometimes, we have to ignore what we feel and realize what we deserve.

True love  isn't something that is forced, it is something that just happens. Many people are so hungry for love, that they choose to bite the first type of love that they may see, even if it's poisonous.
Don't be a fool for love, choose your love wisely. Remember.. It's not about being what
everyone wants you to be, it's about being
yourself and finding someone who truly
loves you for who you are.

Always Remember T…

"Letting go with an open heart" - #Sunset

Living life is so much like watching the sunset. Enjoy the moment while it lasts for no one knows when the last ray of sunlight will shine. Don’t control it. Just live life but promise to live it fully. Today is all you can grasp in the palm of your hands. Yesterday’s done and tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.

Let the sunset be a beautiful reminder that there’s beauty in letting go – in just letting it be.

Where there is loss, there is always an even greater presence of love.

Let the sunset show you how a beautiful goodbye looks like. Watch it with awe as it unfolds. With the last rays of the colored sun slowly hiding behind the horizon comes the realization that tomorrow holds endless possibilities.

New memories, new people, new love and new happiness await.


Hi semua !! Now, I'm ready for next entry. Day 2 in KRABI !! Okay, mula dengan Bismillah dulu. :)
Haaa Day 2 ni ialah hari membakar dan memanggang kulit. OMG ! Dah laa kita ni memang putih, bertambah-tambah laa putih masak garing kat sana. HAHA
Untuk day 2 and day 3 ni kitorang ambik pakej. Asalnya nak ambik pakej full 4H3M tapi memandangkan masing-masing nak merasa jadi backpackers ala ala orang bujang. So, kita pun reduce kan kos kat situ sikit. Kitorang just ambik pakej yang besar-besar je. Contohnya macam snorkeling and island hopping, town tours and a few activities tu. Untuk activities tu nanti aku cerita untuk Day 3 punya okayy ? Hihi
Okay, pagi tu kitorang bangun awal sikit sebab nak cari breakfast dulu sebab dalam pakej tu xde breakfast. Just ada lunch je.
So, ini breakfast kitorang. Nasi minyak & Nasi kerabu. Ada roti canai tu tapi dia macam garing sangat. Hihi
Lepas breakfast, kitorang balik hotel and tunggu orang yg pakej tu ambik kitorang untuk pegi snorkeling pu…


Hi, Assalamualaikum semua. I'm back !!  Kali ni dengan tajuk lain macam sikit.  Entry kali ni pasal kisah anak-anak gadis yang baru berjinak-jinak dalam bidang travelling. Haha Mission pertama untuk awek-awek ni adalah untuk menakluki KRABI !! Takluk laa sangat kan. Hahahaha
Okay, sebenarnya kitorang plan ni dah lama dah. Actually, tiket tu yg dah beli lama. Last year dalam middle of the year tak silap. Sis cakap laa kat diorang, kita beli je tiket. Nanti confirm jadi. Haha\ Betul lah kan? Memang jadi.
Kitorang punya trip kali ni 4hari 3malam. So, flight kitorang pagi. Pukul7 pagi.

Waktu kat sana lewat sejam dari waktu kita kat Malaysia.
So, kitorang sampai sana dalam 8 lebih jugak. Sampai je airport kitorang terus ambik shuttle bus pergi ke Aonang. Sebab kitorang punya hotel kat sana.

So, here is our place to sleep. 3 Bees Guesthouse.

Kitorang sampai hotel tu still pagi lagi, check in nye petang. So, kitorang just tinggalkan barang2 je kat situ then terus sewa skuter. Hihi

Harga …